About Challahland

Randi and Sam are cousins AND besties. Challahland was born in 2020 during both of their maternity leaves when Randi shared her love for baking with Sam. Challahland started off as a one-sku show and slowly turned into a 20+ sku baking operation run by two busy moms on-the-go.

How did Challahland come to life? Thanks to our amazing neighbours and friends. Even though it all started as kind of a joke, our neighbours would enjoy our challahs out on the streets and they told us that we should start our own business ASAP. So we did and we are extremely grateful for their support since day 1.

Randi is a professional pastry chef who studied all over the world. Her love for creating deliciousness in the kitchen started while she was studying in France under the best chefs. Randi also owned her own bakery as well as worked in some of the greatest bakeries in Montréal. Randi is forever grateful for all her experiences and all the amazing bakers who helped her along the way.